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Camperdown & District Auxiliary

Ritchies Supa IGA Camperdown Supermarket and Liquor store and the district's hospital auxiliary

Balnarring Bowls

Ritchies Community Benefit Program helping the local community! Ritchies Supa IGA Camperdown Supermarket and Liquor store and the district's hospital auxiliary have joined forces to end a $150,000 appeal.

The pair has donated a staggering $30,000 to give the green light for the Camperdown Hospital's Midwifery Unit redevelopment. Pictured celebrating the end of the Appeal with campus manager Ruth Mitchell (left) are the donors responsible for the final $30,000: Camperdown Ritchies Supa IGA manager David Schmidt (holding the cheque) and Camperdown & District Auxiliary members, Vanessa Wilson-Browne, Lou Ebbelaar, Harold Hanlon and Matthew Clarke.

Should you want more information on the appeal, please go to the hospital website: www.southwesthealthcare.com.au and you'll see a story called 'BIG hearted donors'. Ritchies donations to the Camperdown Hospital are an ongoing process well into the future. If you would like to help raise even more funds for your local hospital, you can nominate them to receive a donation of 1% of the money you spend at Ritchies at no extra cost to you.

Their CB number: 93984.


Camperdown Public Library

Camperdown Public Library, situated in Camperdown, a country town in the Western district of Victoria, is a recipient of small donations via Ritchies Community Benefit Card. Maureen Adeney is the Librarian at Camperdown Public Library and she wanted to show off all the books that she has been able to purchase with the funds that they have received to date – over $1,200.00. She would also love it if more customers nominated the library!

“We very much appreciate the funds that we have received from Ritchies. Thank you to all those customers who have nominated the Library and thank you Ritchies for providing the funds. It’s proving to be a fabulous boost to our library!”
Maureen Adeney,
Camperdown Public Library.


Camperdown Sports Stadium

“Thanks to the Ritchies IGA Community Benefits Program, the Camperdown Community is $13,000 closer to reaching their goal of raising enough money to build a new sports stadium.

Our aim is to raise $500,000 and to date our very generous community has contributed $470,000. Through the Ritchies Community Benefits Program we are currently receiving approximately $1,000 per month, this amount is ongoing and once our stadium is complete this monthly donation will help with our running costs.

In just 12 months Ritchies have donated over $13,000 to our appeal, I urge all communities to register NOW at their local Ritchies IGA and help their nominated organisations with their fundraising.

It is my belief that too many customers do not have or use a Community Benefits card because they think it actually adds to their grocery bill. This is not the case. Whether you choose to use a Community Benefits card or not will not affect your grocery bill, the only loser if you don’t is your local community.

Just think if 100% of customers used a Community benefits card instead of just 50 %, then our Stadium Appeal could have already banked over $26,000. On behalf of our Stadium Appeal Committee and the Camperdown Community, thankyou to Ritchies IGA and thankyou to all those loyal customers who have helped our appeal by simply producing their card with every purchase.”

Cancer Council NSW

You can make a difference just by shopping at Ritchies Supa IGA!

cancer council

The Cancer Council is the leading cancer charity in New South Wales. It is a non-government cancer control organisation, which focuses on actions to reduce the impact of cancer on people including: reducing cancer risk and incidence; improving early detection and treatment; and improving care and support for people affected by cancer.

Each year one in two people are being diagnosed with cancer by the age of 85. This means in NSW alone, approximately 33,000 people are diagnosed with cancer and around 12,600 will die as a result.

Due to these shocking facts, our mission is to defeat cancer through community engagement. Our work is primarily funded by the community and so every cent counts to ensure cancer is defeated!

The funds you raise will assist The Cancer Council fund vital research into cancer treatment and prevention. It will also help us to provide essential support services such as the Cancer Council Helpline and Cancer Council Connect, for those people affected by the day-to-day challenges of living with the disease.

If you would like to help us on our mission to defeat cancer then please ensure The Cancer Council NSW is your chosen charity to be the recipient of donations through Ritchies Community Benefit Program.

Our CB number is 90688.


Cancer Council VIC

Cancer Council VIC

Penny Sayer, Community Benefit Promotions Officer, Professor David Hill, Director, Cancer Council Victoria, Judy Rebecca, Community Benefit
Program Manager, and Peter Griffin, President, Cancer Council Victoria exchanging plaques to mark over $1.4 million donated to the Cancer Council Victoria.

The Cancer Council established the “Ritchies' Customers Community Research Award” in 1995. Every donation made through Ritchies' Community Benefit Card program is contributing directly to cancer research.

Please just make the changes to the following paragraph: The “Ritchies' Customers Community Research Award” has benefited research into genetic links in cancer; research in the area of colon cancer and rhabdomyosarcoma, a skeletal muscle tumour that is relatively common in childhood; and currently, research into skin cancer – melanoma. Donations around $10,000 a month have resulted in a total well over $1.4 million dollars by end November 2009

Cancer Council VIC logo

"Thank you Ritchies for your ongoing support of The Cancer Council Victoria through the 'Ritchies' Community Benefit Card' initiative. This community-spirited program allows Ritchies customers to support cancer research, without effort and while they shop. We are very grateful for the generous donations that we receive each month."
Professor David Hill, AM,
Director, The Cancer Council Victoria

Cancer Support Group

Cancer Support Group
Members of Peninsula Cancer Support Group with some of their volunteer drivers.

Suzanne Newnham, Coordinator of the Peninsula Cancer Support Group wrote the following letter:

“On behalf of the Peninsula Cancer Support Group many thanks to Ritchies for the wonderful Community Benefit Scheme. Cancer patients require support in many and varied ways and the regular payments we receive have helped contribute to the petrol costs of volunteer drivers, upgrade our library books, videos, C.D.'s and tapes, increase the distribution of our information brochure and subsequent postage charges and in numerous other areas.

Although we are affiliated with the Cancer Council, we receive no financial support from them and therefore we are required to seek our own sources of funding to continue catering for the many needs of cancer patients and their family and friends who are all touched by the illness. Once again many thanks.”

If you would like to help the Peninsula Cancer Support Group or your local Cancer support group, you can simply nominate them when you apply for your free Ritchies Community Benefit Card at any of our 31 stores throughout Victoria. It takes about 30 seconds to become a member of Ritchies Community Benefit Card program.



CanTeen supports young people when cancer turns their world upside down and helps them cope with the physical, emotional and practical impact of living with cancer.

We’re here for 12-24 year olds dealing with: 

•             having cancer themselves

•             a parent, brother or sister being diagnosed with cancer

•             the death of a parent, brother or sister 

CanTeen provides specialist hospital care, counselling and individual assistance as well as information and peer support programs.

CanTeen gets how tough it is to face cancer, because we were set up by young cancer patients in 1985 and still have young people affected by cancer guiding CanTeen at every level.

Our peer support programs are renowned for their powerful impact on the young people who attend and share their cancer stories, support each other and have fun.  Over the last twenty years, over $175,000 has been raised for CanTeen through the Ritchies Community Benefit Program, contributing over 7,000 hours of peer support activities to young people affected by cancer.  Given that a lack of support and understanding from friends is one of the biggest challenges faced by young people living with cancer, this support has had a tremendous impact on the wellbeing of this uniquely vulnerable group.  

With 23,000 young Australians having to face the challenge of cancer every year, we desperately need your ongoing assistance.  So please nominate CanTeen as the beneficiary of your donations through Ritchies Community Benefit Program and help empower young people living with cancer in your local area.

CanTeen’s Community Benefit numbers are:

VIC         93172

NSW      91479

QLD        99418

Carrum Downs CFA

Carrum Downs CFA wants your help!

righteous pups

“Carrum Downs Fire Brigade attends on average 400 fires and incidents per year. We are a fully volunteer brigade and some of the incidents we attend include house fires, car fires, car accidents, scrub fires, hazardous material incidents and many more. As well as attending fires, Carrum Downs Fire Brigade is also involved in community awareness and safety by visiting local schools and kinders.

Please support Carrum Downs CFA by picking up a Community Benefit card when next shopping at Ritchies and help us get more donations to the brigade to be able to purchase more equipment to help our community.”

Their CB number is 90874.


Carrum Downs Primary School


carrum primary

Carrum Downs Primary School students with some of the items purchased with money from Ritchies.

If you would like to help your favourite club, school or charity, simply apply for your free Ritchies Community Benefit Card today!


Casey Kids Club



CASEY KIDZ KLUB is an out of school programme for teenagers with a disability. The programme provides fun filled activities in an environment the children can cope and allows the children to socialise with their peers.

The programme also allows parents/carers to maintain their employment, return to study, return to the workforce or spend time with their other children's out of school activities.

This is an holistic answer to an Australia wide service gap where out of school programmes do not exist for children in this age group.

The programme has been running for 20 months now and the outcomes have far exceeded the expectations. It is the vision of Casey Kidz Klub to launch this model Australia wide within the next few years.

If you would like to help the Casey Kidz Klub, you can nominate them to receive a donation from Ritchies.

Their CB number is 98897.