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Heartbeat Victoria

A Second Chance!

“Heartbeat Victoria for St Vincent's Hospital is a supportive and fundraising group for cardiothoracic
patients, their families and friends - a completely voluntary association.

The Cardiothoracic Care Centre helps patients with medical heart problems from Melbourne, Country areas of Victoria and Interstate. Since Heartbeat began in 1886, they have purchased $457,000.00 worth of equipment to help in the treatment of serious heart problems.

Heartbeat aims to:

Assist in the further development of Cardiothoracic Care by raising funds to provide additional equipment and services.

Provide information and reassurance to patients, their families and friends, when a surgical or medical procedure may be necessary.

Promote friendship between patients, their families and friends through meetings, social and educational events.

Heartbeat wish to thank all those customers who have nominated Heartbeat Victoria for St Vincent's Hospital, CB number 92254 and hope their support continues to the extent that Ritchies Community Benefit Scheme will be acknowledged on an essential piece of equipment. All equipment purchased aims to ensure best care and improve patient comfort, and is selected by the hospital in consultation with the medical staff of the Cardiothoracic Care Centre. Special thanks to Ritchies and all those customers who have nominated Heartbeat Victoria.”

If you would like to help this vital work, simply nominate Heartbeat Victoria when you apply for your free Ritchies Community Benefit Card and present your card to the cashier every time you shop!



heart Kids pic

We are a National Children's Charity run by employees and volunteers who are concerned with the care of children born with or who acquire Childhood Heart Disease (CHD). We are a not for profit organisation whose mission is to empower those effected by childhood heart disease through support, awareness, research and advocacy.

Facts about Childhood Heart Disease in Australia

  • One in 100 kids are born with heart disease
  • That is six babies every day across Australia
  • Over 2000 per year
  • Approx 45,000 under the age of 20 have been affected
  • Heart Disease is the greatest killer of children in our country
  • It takes more lives than all other childhood diseases combined

It accounts for 35% of childhood deaths.


CB No. 93788

heart kids logo



hartwellgroupHeartwell logotagline


There are thousands of disadvantaged children living in Victoria. They deserve the opportunity to participate in these programs. This of course can only be achieved by building further affiliations with a number of partners and we seek your help.

The Heartwell Foundation presents companies, community organisations and individuals with wonderful opportunities to make measurable and long term changes in the lives of disadvantaged children in a most positive and meaningful way.

Our Vision

It is our vision that Australian children, living with illness, disability, or disadvantage can access rehabilitation and movement education programs that will unlock their physical potential, fully enriching them and the communities in which they live and so challenge them to climb mountains they never dreamed of climbing.

To contact the Heartwell Foundation phone 03 9842 0396 or email [email protected] or visit our website www.heartwell.org.au

Helimed 1 Air Ambulance Rescue

Helimed 1 Air Ambulance Rescue Helicopter provides a vital service to the community of Gippsland.

“On behalf of the Auxiliary of Helimed 1 Air Ambulance Rescue Helicopter, I would like to thank Ritchies Stores Pty Ltd for your donations to the auxiliary for us to use to purchase vital equipment and provide training for the crew of the helicopter.

We take great pride in the work carried out by the crew of Helimed 1 in providing this vital service to the community of Gippsland. Helimed 1 responds to approximately 600 tasks a year, which is made up of hospital transfers, air lifting of critical patients from remote locations as well as involvement in search and rescue missions over both land and water.

Whilst the government provides the helicopter for use, the auxiliary provides some of the vital medical equipment on board. This equipment constantly requires updating to keep up with ongoing medical technological advances. Your contribution in helping us to achieve this aim is greatly appreciated, and will only increase the standard of care that we can provide to the community.

Thank you for your support of Helimed 1.”

David Soutar
Helimed 1 Auxiliary


Helmeted Honeyeater

Helmeted Honeyeater's - Victoria's state bird emblem - On the brink

Helmeted Honeyeater

Friends of the Helmeted Honeyeater formed in May 1989 when the population of the Helmeted Honeyeater's reached a critically low level of 50 birds. We share a concern for the future of our critically endangered Victorian bird emblem (the only bird endemic to Victoria) and want to contribute to the conservation of Australia's unique flora and fauna.

Our major aims are:

  • To protect existing habitat and plant future habitat for the Helmeted Honeyeater
  • To raise awareness about the plight of the Helmeted Honeyeater and enlist broad community support for the Recovery project.

Our core conservation projects:

  • With the dedication of local volunteers, we grow around 80,000 indigenous plants each year for habitat plantings throughout the Yarra Valley in Victoria
  • With the valued help of local school, community and corporate groups, we plant approximately 15,000 habitat plants each year for Victoria's faunal emblems, the critically endangered Helmeted Honeyeater & the endangered Leadbeater's Possum. and all of the species that co-exist with them
  • We educate others of the plight of Australia's endangered species and the things we can all do to make a positive difference
  • In partnership with many groups and organisations, we advocate for broad conservation outcomes that will protect and enhance our natural environment.

If you believe in the saying 'Think globally. Act locally' and are passionate about making a difference, then convert your precious time into endangered species conservation work and improve your local environment by becoming a volunteer with the Friends of the Helmeted Honeyeater. Learn skills, gain experiences, share knowledge. You'll be warmly welcomed.

For more information:

web: www.helmetedhoneyeater.org.au

email: [email protected]

phone: (03) 5964 8341

post: PO Box 131, Woori Yallock, VIC 3139

nursery sales: Tues & Thurs 9.30-3pm, 1217 Macclesfield Road, Yellingbo, VIC. 3139 (Melway reference 305 G11)

Ritchies Community Benefit Program has donated over $3,022 to Friends of the Helmeted Honeyeater to date (end July 2011).

CB Number: 93319


Help for Wildlife

Help for Wildlife needs your help!

South Gippsland Animal Aid

Help for Wildlife is a 24 Hour State-wide Wildlife emergency Service which is a voluntary, community based, non-profit, non-political organization established in 1995 to assist with distressed wildlife on all levels. Help for Wildlife serves to encourage greater understanding and respect for the needs of wildlife and actively seeks solutions to wildlife problems.

The rescue unit is on constant standby to attend wildlife emergencies such as Bushfires, Oil spills, and Floods. Road accidents, mine shafts, koalas injured by family pets, a big kangaroo rescued from a river, lizards, echidnas, possums, snakes, owls and ducks - the stories are endless.

Check their web site to find out more on www.helpforwildlife.com

They need blankets, bedding and food for these injured animals. The best way to help them is to nominate Help for Wildlife when

apply for your Community Benefit Card at ANY Ritchies supermarket or liquor store.

Their CB number is 91522.


Holy Family School


Naomi James, Coordinator for the Parents and Friends Committee at Holy Family School in Mount Waverley, wrote to thank Ritchies for the donations received via Ritchies Community Benefit Card program. The school has received donations close to $7,000 to date.

“On behalf of the Parents and Friends committee at Holy Family Primary School, I would like to thank your management and staff for your generous contribution this school year.

With your assistance toward our fundraising, we have been able to provide books and resources for our library, new seating for our oval and games for the students to use inside on rainy days. We are also working toward replacing computers in each classroom. Without your contributions each month, some of these purchases would not have been possible.

Once again, please accept our continuing thanks.”

Hundreds of schools are receiving donations ranging from $10 to $1,500 every month through Ritchies Community Benefit Card program.

If you would like to help your children or grandchildren’s school or kindergarten, you can nominate them to be the recipient of aa donation via Ritchies Community Benefit Card.


Hunter Region Landcare Network

Shopping to help our Farmers and our Environment with Hunter Region Landcare Network and Richie’s IGA

hunter landcare 1

United we can find and provide solutions to create a sustainable future for our children.

What is Landcare?

Landcare is the activity that groups of volunteers do to care for our land and water. It is a fun, social activity that has something to offer everyone.

Groups form on farms, at schools, in cities and on beaches. Landcare includes a wide variety of activities, depending on what the local group wants to do with the environment and associated problems.

hunter landcare 3

They can be groups of farmers, groups of neighbours in a bushland area, or a whole town. They may be students wanting a school project to work on, or surfers looking after a coastal dune or an existing community group who are prepared to spend a little spare time on a local environmental problem.

Landcare and its partners work together in improving our farmlands, carrying out urban remedial action, rehabilitating and managing our river system, bringing back trees and wildlife and building healthy and productive communities.

Who is the Hunter Region Landcare Network (HRLN)?

We provide support, advice, advocacy and funding to Landcare Groups, and individual Landcarers throughout the Hunter Region.
HRLN can connect you with Landcare groups and Landcare individuals to provide a wide range of experiences, expertise and local knowledge in many areas of natural resource management.

hunter landcare 2

The Hunter Region Landcare Network aims to improve natural resource management through community involvement.
Visit us at www.hunterlandcare.org.au

The Hunter Region has over 400 Landcare Groups registered with Landcare NSW, accounting for 22% of the groups in NSW.

If you would like to help this vital work, you can nominate them to receive a donation from Ritchies Community Benefit Program.

Their CB number is: 81650.


Kidney Support Network

Kidney Support mascot

Kidney Support Network strives to assist people with kidney disease or who are ‘at risk' of kidney disease.
Our organisation has been operating for the past 27 years and has branches throughout Queensland.

Patients are offered the following services:

  • Information and referral
  • Transport
  • Patient and family support for dialysis & transplant
  • Accommodation
  • Medical equipment
  • Education programs
  • Hospital visiting & support groups
  • Volunteering opportunities
  • Membership - $20 per year.

KIdney  Logo

Contact us for more information:
Phone: (07) 3300 0906 • Fax: (07) 3300 0905
Email: [email protected]
PO Box 16, The Gap, Queensland 4061