Thomas Vio knives

Terms and Conditions
For each $25 you spend in a single transaction in-store, you will receive 1 stamp. Affix stamps to this saver card. Transactions exclude gift cards, phone recharge, cigarettes and tobacco.
When you have collected the required number of stamps, present your saver card to the cashier with the knife of your choice and the small additional payment at any Ritchies store. See inside the saver card found in- store for specific prices and number of stamps required.
Once you have redeemed your saver card, simply pick up another saver card in-store and start collecting again.
Stamps can be collected between 10.10.2018 and 15.01.19.
Saver cards can be redeemed between 10.10.2018 and 29.01.19.
Redemption of saver cards which are altered, amended, defaced, photocopied, damaged or do not bear appropriate stamps will be refused.
Sale and redemption of knives is restricted to persons 16 years of age and over.