Beechworth Fire Brigade

Beechworth Rural Brigade Captain Keith Harms shows the new slip-on to IGA Assistant Manager Simon Townsend.

BEECHWORTH Rural Fire Brigade was pleased to officially unveil two new appliances which will be used to fight future fires in the area.
The two slip-on units were purchased and equipped through funds raised through the Ritchies IGA Community Benefit Card.
“We have received sufficient funds each month to enable us to purchase the slip-on units,” brigade captain Keith Harms said.
“Each unit has been equipped with a chainsaw and foam, which means they can be used to their maximum potential.”

The units were used during the recent fires, working behind bulldozers to put in fire breaks in an effort to contain the blaze. Mr Harms showed one of the units to Ritchies Assistant Manager Simon Townsend. “The units are kept at the homes of our Lieutenants and will be used in conjunction with the fire trucks during the hot fire season,” Mr Harms said.

“During times of extreme weather conditions, the units will be strategically placed in the East and West of Beechworth to ensure Beechworth and the surrounding areas has the best possible coverage. Mr Harms went on to thank the community for their ongoing support.

“We use the money to maintain the brigade, upgrade equipment and train new members without having to rely on wood raffles or cake stalls,” Mr Harms said. Community Benefit Cards can be obtained from the IGA supermarket.