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Introducing the NEW Ritchies Card Program

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With member exclusive offers, digital coupons, saver cards, competitions, games and of course our Community Benefit Program we're sure you will love our Ritchies Card. Best of all we've rolled it all into an easy to use app available for download. For those of you who prefer physical cards we'll be making these available in store for collection when launching in your local store. You can use either a physical card OR the Ritchies Card app to take advantage of the new benefits.

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Our Community Benefit Program

Ritchies has been running its successful Community Benefit program since 1993. We believe it is the easiest, simplest method to support your favourite club, school or charity. This program is one of the benefits available to you as a Ritchies Card member.
51 million given back

So how does the Community Benefit program work?

When joining the Ritchies Card program you are given the option to nominate your favourite club school or charity (known as Recipients). Each time you scan your card (either physical card or electronic card in the App) when making a purchase at any of our participating stores, the total is recorded to your chosen club, school or charity. At the end of each month, Ritchies will pay your chosen club, school or charity .5% of the total accrued directly into the Recipient’s nominated bank account*.

How do I get started?

Getting started is easy. Simply click here to join our free Ritchies Card program, log into your new account or app, click on the "Community" section and follow the prompts. We've also put together a help video available below, the process is the same from either your web account or app. If you can't find your favourite club, school or charity send them a message and ask them to register for the program. Organisations will find more info on how to register here

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