Angel Flight 

Dealing with illness can be a difficult and emotional time, and it’s even more challenging when you live thousands of kilometres away from the treatment you need.

At Angel Flight Australia, we work with our team of generous volunteer pilots and drivers to coordinate free, non-emergency flights and road transfers so people living remotely across Australia can access specialist medical treatments in the city.


Angel Fight is a not-for-profit organisation that receives no government funding. We rely on the generosity of donors, clubs and organisations like Ritchies IGA to fund the vital missions that help sick people living remotely, access medical care.  Over the years, Ritchies has helped Angel Flight through its customer benefits program with tens of thousands of dollars in donations. Without this support, Angel Flight would not be able to continue its vital work, so please consider nominating Angel Flight as your charity when signing up to Ritchies community benefit program.   

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