Australian Cancer Research Foundation (ACRF)

Australian Cancer Research Foundation (ACRF) connects the most brilliant cancer researchers in Australia with technology and equipment that will supercharge their impact.

Support from Ritchies customers helps ACRF provide world-class scientists with the tools they need to develop better prevention, early detection methods, and more effective treatments across all cancer types – ultimately saving millions of lives. It is thanks to contributions of supporters like Ritchies that we move closer to breakthroughs in cancer research, leading to the development of new vaccines, screening tools, gene therapies, and more. You can learn more at  


Since 2006, the Ritchies Community Benefit Card Program has been instrumental in funding cancer research nationwide. ACRF extends its gratitude to Ritchies customers for their ongoing support for our vision of one day reaching a world without cancer.


“Ritchies customer loyalty program has helped ACRF enable ground-breaking research projects. With the most innovative equipment in their hands, researchers can dream big, push boundaries and blaze new trails. Thank you to the Ritchies community for helping us back brilliant cancer research.”  Kerry Strydom, CEO of Australian Cancer Research Foundation (ACRF).


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