Celebrating 30 Years of Generosity: Ritchies IGA Community's Impact on Cancer Council NSW

For 30 years, the Ritchies IGA community has supported Cancer Council NSW with over $500,000, aiding crucial cancer research, prevention, and support programs. This generosity helps provide essential support for those impacted by cancer.


We are so thankful to the Ritchies IGA community for supporting Cancer Council NSW and people affected by cancer over the past 30 years. Your contribution of over $500k means we have been able to continue our life-saving cancer research, prevention and advocacy programs and continue to deliver transformative practical and emotional support for people and their families impacted by a cancer diagnosis. It is thanks to people like those in the Ritchies IGA community that allow us to be here today and into the future for people when they need it most. 

Naomi Watson, Director, Marketing & Fundraising


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