Salvation Army

Across Australia – in cities, suburbs, and regional and rural townships –The Salvation Army is active in communities, providing critical support through services and programs, and working to bring about lasting change for people facing hardship and injustice.


Funds raised from the Ritchies Community Benefits program go towards supporting those in need living in the areas surrounding our stores. To date, The Salvation Army has received over $1,800,000 from Ritchies. Thank you to those Ritchies customers who have nominated the Salvation Army as their choice of beneficiary. 
"The fundraising through Ritchies is very much needed and valued, as we work with families and individuals in crisis. With the support of Ritchies, we’re better placed to meet the ongoing and emerging complex needs within communities across Australia. We are grateful to Ritchies for this avenue of fundraising. Without it, we would be less able to support disadvantaged and marginalised communities who continue to experience complex challenges on a regular basis.” - Major Bruce Harmer. National Public Relations Secretary – The Salvation Army, Australia




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