Wildlife Victoria

Wildlife Victoria has provided the community with a Wildlife Emergency Response Service for 35 years. 

Our Wildlife Emergency Response Service receives notifications from members of the public via our emergency phone and online reporting system.  We receive over 120,000 requests for help a year and help over 86,000 animals. When a member of the public contacts us about a sick, injured or orphaned animal, our Emergency Response Operators provide advice and when necessary, arrange for a Wildlife Victoria trained volunteer to attend. We have a network of over 1,200 rescue and care volunteers state-wide.  

We also promote community knowledge and care of wildlife and advocate for the protection and welfare of wildlife. 

 Wildlife Victoria’s Travelling Veterinary Service (TVS) is on call 7 days a week and is dispatched to assess and treat injured wildlife in field and in care - providing vital support not just to wildlife but also to Wildlife Victoria’s volunteer wildlife rescuers and wildlife rehabilitators at no cost. 


The generous contributions from Ritchies helps keep Wildlife Victoria's Emergency Response Service operating so that sick, injured, and orphaned animals can receive the help they need. The funds also go towards training new wildlife rescue volunteers and supporting the Wildlife Victoria Travelling Vet Service as they provide treatment to native species in rehabilitation and in field. 


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