Environmental & Sustainability Progress

Solar panels

Ritchies have installed solar panels across suitable stores within our store network. With roughly one hours’ worth of sunlight able to handle the world’s energy consumption for a year, solar panels are a very valuable source of energy, and Ritchies is continuing to seek to harness this energy to power our stores and reduce our carbon footprint. 

Clean energy derived from these panels is averaging approximately 15% of total store power in our store network where solar is installed, and therefore reducing our reliance on existing energy sources.

The use of solar panels is part of Ritchies’ commitment to reduce our carbon footprint and reduce emissions, and we are looking at installing more solar panels across our store network in the coming months. 

Next steps in our E&S mission 

Ritchies plan to publish our inaugural E&S Plan which will provide detailed information with respect to Ritchies’ commitments to environmental and sustainable friendly operations and practices. 

The E&S Plan will further demonstrate Ritchies’ core value to operate in an environmentally and sustainably friendly manner and to continuously strive to protect the environment.